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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Glis Glis Pest control

Glis glis removal call 01753 654480. The ‘edible’ or ‘fat’ dormouse or ‘glis glis’ is becoming an increasing nuisance in the Chilterns and Hertfordshire area. The glis glis is a small squirrel like creature first introduced into the UK in Hertfordshire by Lord Rothschild in 1902, making a name for itself in the area between…

Bedbugs London- To Come: Bed Bug Epidemic in London… or Pandemic?

Since Year 2000, there has been a dramatic increase in the bedbug population in Sydney. The Olympic games encourages people from all walks of life from around the globe to fly in to the chosen location. With these floods of people comes floods of bedbugs. Several Sydney based pest control companies reported increases of bed…

Follow up to Draculas got nothing on this!

Following Paul’s post I thought I would scout around for some similarly horrifying vids. So you don’t like bedbugs? This guy has them as pets! Some interesting information found in this video, and it may encourage you not to leave an infestation untreated. Although most infestations never get to this level, left untreated bed bug…

Draculas got nothing on this!

I’ve stumbled across this clip of a Bedbug feeding. The time to complete this meal would have taken approximately 5 minutes and in order to stay attached for this long it uses an anaesthetic so as not to disturb its prey. Sweet dreams! By Paul If you have experienced bed bugs you will know they…

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