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Hawking for Pest Control

Hawk Bird Deterrent Programs

JG Environmental Ltd, professional hawking programs for bird deterrent accross the UK.

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JG are a leading supplier of Hawking programs designed to deter bird activity from required areas without harming any birds.

When carried out correctly, hawking will deter pigeons and seagulls from roosting or nesting in chosen areas. The gulls and pigeons see the bird of prey as a immediate threat and will avoid the area.
After continuous hawking flights in an area the pest birds will ‘learn’ that the area is not safe and look elsewhere to live.

All ‘JG Pest Control Hawkers’ are fully trained, certified and experienced hawkers.

 Why Hawking?

  • Other methods of control including physical barrier deterrants such as spiking, wiring or netting may not be always be suitable.
    Often clients may chose to use a hawking program instead as to not upset the aestetics of a building or area.
  • Physical barrier deterrents as above, may not remain effective. This is due to the fact that pigeons are very intelligent animals, and in highly infested areas they may find ways of remaining in the area despite professional proofing works. We often advise proofing is carried out alongside an effective hawking program in such cases.
  • Research has shown that pigeons can not adjust to the threat of a falcon or hawk. Thus meaning an area where falcons or hawks fly is a no-fly zone to a pigeon.

Regular flights provide the ultimate pigeon deterrent in or out of the city. Pest control using hawks and falcons is very effective if done correctly.

To speak to one of our Hawking experts please e-mail or call us on the number provided today. We are able to set up free of charge site surveys and provide recomendations with our quotation for any works.

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