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Ladybird Eradication

Specialist Harlequin Ladybird/ Lady bug Extermination

JG Environmental are a specialist in dealing with Harlequin ladybird/ ladybug problems. Being family run you can be assured of excellent service at reasonable prices.

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Ladybird Eradication in Cambridgeshire

The harlequin ladybug was originally introduced to the UK from Asia as a natural way to deal with pest control, by eating aphids on crops. However, due to no natural predators within the UK for ladybugs the pests quickly spread and are now known to infest households and businesses in Cambridgeshire, hence why ladybug eradication in Cambridgeshire is now an issue for many home and business owners.

Harlequin ladybugs do not spread diseases but they can cause issues in other ways. Harlequin ladybugs can quickly infest your home or business as they gather in swarms on windowsills and will soon begin destroying your home by staining your carpets, curtains and wall coverings with an orange coloured discharge. They are also known to bite children and adults and they also emit a rotting smell which can be extremely unpleasant. This is why ladybug eradication in Cambridgeshire is becoming an increasingly popular service for pest control companies in Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

The harlequin ladybugs will thrive over harsh winters, hibernating in building cracks while breeding into their billions ready to wreak havoc in homes and businesses across Cambridgeshire quickly and easily, when left untreated. There are three main types of ladybugs and these are red or orange with black spots, black with four red spots or black with two red spots and traditionally they will be about 7-8mm in length.

Specialist Pest Control.

If you think you have a ladybug infestation and you need the experts for ladybug eradication in Cambridgeshire we can help. Here at JG Environmental, ladybug eradication in Cambridgeshire is just one of the many areas we specialise in.


Whether a lady bug problem in Cantebury, ladybirds swarming your windows in Tunbridge Wells or just a few ladybirds causing you and issue in Maidstone, our services are guaranteed.

So, call us now to see how we can help you with your ladybug eradication in Cambridgeshire, free quotes and advice over the phone.

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