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Category Archives: Bed bug removal specialists

Bed bugs in London

For appointments, advice and bookings please call on 0207 1838906. JG Environmental are Bed bugs in London pest control specialists. New York holds the highest bed bug per square mile ratio in the world but London is fast catching up. Bed bugs originally coming from far more tropical climates have adapted to city life and…

Bed bugs London

Here is a video of a particularly heavy bed bug infestation our technician ‘Seymour’ treated today. You can see hundreds of blood spots and bed bug excrement and several nymphs and adult bed bugs. Even as a pest controller infestations as heavy as this still seem to make us itch! JG Pest Control London &…

Bed Bug Removal London

For bed bug removal London & Surrounding, call JG Pest Control on 0207 1838906 for guaranteed results. JG Pest Control are specialists in bed bug eradication in London & surrounding. Being bitten in the night? Finding blood spots on the bed? Coming up in a rash during the day? If so the chances are you…

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