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Category Archives: bed bug extermination

Get The Mice Out Of Your House – Clothed Or Not!

Here at JG Environmental we remember watching Tom and Jerry as kids and wondering why Jerry was happy to scuttle along the carpets, run around the garden and hide behind ornaments with no clothes on, but then when Tom saw him in the bath with no clothes on, it was suddenly a problem. As we…

Bed bugs London

Here is a video of a particularly heavy bed bug infestation our technician ‘Seymour’ treated today. You can see hundreds of blood spots and bed bug excrement and several nymphs and adult bed bugs. Even as a pest controller infestations as heavy as this still seem to make us itch! JG Pest Control London &…

Bedbugs London- To Come: Bed Bug Epidemic in London… or Pandemic?

Since Year 2000, there has been a dramatic increase in the bedbug population in Sydney. The Olympic games encourages people from all walks of life from around the globe to fly in to the chosen location. With these floods of people comes floods of bedbugs. Several Sydney based pest control companies reported increases of bed…

Wasp high this summer- but now what?

With the summer now out of the way and the wasp levels at a low again where do we look for work  now? Well with the colder months comes rodent, Mice and Rats look to make nests inside peoples homes for the warmth. Most pest control companies should see an increase of rodent jobs including…

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