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Rats Pest Control

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Rodent proofing

Rat Control & Proofing: For advice and appointments please call our standard landline on: 01256 510012

Covering all Hampshire & surrounding areas.

JG Environmental Ltd, are a friendly family run professional pest control company. trained and certified, we constantly review methods and techniques to provide the most comprehensive solution.

EMERGENCY SERVICE AVAILABLE – Please contact us if you require emergency service out of office hours.

We are able to deal with your problem using several methods including humane options.

Proofing- JG Environmental provide specialist proofing for rodent and bird pests, from small proofing applications using fillers, wires or mesh to full attic/ loft space proofing, for
proofing quotations please email or call using the contact information at the top of this page.

Rat Extermination (BPCA/ RSPH Qualified)

Rats will live anywhere they can find shelter and a good food source. The saying breeding like rabbits could be changed to rats as they produce young at a phenomenal rate. Rats have been known to carry several diseases harmful to man (including the well known plague) and have also been known to give a nasty bite if cornered!

If you have any evidence of rats in or around your property it is highly recommended that you contact us as soon as possible. Our rat extermination techniques involve initially blocking access points, we then use poisons, and/or snap traps, live catch (stick pads etc), contact poisons and other methods to get the quickest possible results.

Large Rat

About Rat Pest Control:

Rats are nasty creatures and many people have a phobia of them, often a simple sighting can make the adrenalin kick in and begin a panic. But there is more to worry about. Rats carry disease, they cause damage and they have been known to bite. It is vital you call a professional in as early as possible to deal with your rat problem.

Rats are most active at night, this means often you find signs of rats before you see the creature themselves. Obvious signs include, droppings, which look like a large black grain of rice or a large raisin. Rats are known for causing significant structural damage and have been to blame for house fires in the past. If rats are nesting in your loft space you will smell a strong urine odour and often they will ruin insulation materials and belongings through depositing their waste in and around it.

Usually rats will not just wonder in through your doors and windows (although this is possible) so another common sign is holes in the external wall. Smears on the wall where the grease from the rats oily fur has rubbed on it is also another tell tale sign.


The teeth of a rat are strong enough to bite through aluminium, wood and even concrete.

Despite all of this, the most sure you can be that you have a rat infestation is when you come face to face with a big ugly rat. Although usually a rat will not attack unprovoked they may do so if they are cornered. Be careful to avoid being in a position where the rat may feel uncomfortable, if you are bitten the best advice is to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

When we treat your property our fully trained and certified technician will initially survey the property to find the activity areas and the entry points. He will then block up the holes and apply a treatment to get rid of the problem the quickest way possible.

Rat pest control in all Hampshire and surrounding borough areas, rat removal

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