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Insect and Bed bug Heat Treatments

UK Specialist in Heat treatment insect eradication- Covering UK and Europe.

JG Environmental (Pest Control) Limited provide specialist heat treatments as a means of total insect eradication.

JG Environmental Ltd’s Heat treatments are THE best in the industry and we guarantee to eradicate all signs of a bed bug or insect infestation in the same day we treat.

Being a specialist in insect control we have the capability of eradicating insect infestations without the use of chemical treatments. Our heat treatments together with our chemical treatments provide the greatest level of customer satisfaction by giving the quickest and most comprehensive results.

There are a number of uses for heat treatments from bed bugs, moths, cockroaches to woodworm and other timber pests, applications in residential homes, commercial premises’, hotels, industrial units, stock/ ISPM 15, aircraft, boats etc.

JG Environmental’s heat treatment process is a more effective heat treatment method than heat pods. Heat pods for the extermination of bedbugs is very effective and we do offer heat pod services however we generally heat the whole area/ room in order to ensure every sign of the insect whether it be bed bugs, cockroaches or moths or something else is eradicated in its entirety.


JG’s heat treatment is guaranteed as of day one. This means the problem will be gone as soon as we leave the property, if you experience ANY persistence- we simply return (any time within 3 months- depending on premises).

Why is a heat treatment so good?


A heat treatment for insects is extremely effective, by heating the affected area to above 50 degrees Celsius all life stages of the insect will die, this includes the adult, nymph and the egg stage. A chemical treatment WILL NOT kill the egg stage, chemical treatments rely on the residual quality of the chemical to kill off the eggs once they have hatched into nymphs.

  • Fast- Quickest possible eradication (hours rather than days or weeks)
    Instant pest removal

  • Durable- Can treat delicate fabrics
    From single room treatment to whole premises

  • Safe- Heat treatment on it’s own is 100% non-toxic
    No shutdown- you can stay in your property

  • Effective- Kills all stages of insect life cycle
    Penetrates all target areas

  • Discreet- We have unmarked vehicles available at request and our heaters can be easily hidden- ideal for hotel & commercial work.

No matter how big your bed bug problem, your moth infestation or your beetle issue is we are able to guarantee you the results you strive!

The heat treatment method can be used in a number of places and is a premium method of pest eradication, the only real downside to a heat treatment is the cost. It is significantly more expensive to have a heat treatment carried out over a chemical treatment, however- the difference may not be as big as you thought, please call JG Environmental today to get a quotation- 0207 183 8906


All JG Environmental’s operatives are expertly trained, fully certified and hold years of experience, so you can be sure we’re the right team for you.
Pest Control certifications (not limited to)- BCPA Level 2, Basis PROMPT & Construction certifications include- PASMA (access towers), CSCS (construction services) and iPAF (boom access platforms)

Based in South England (London) JG Environmental cover the whole country carrying out heat treatments every day. From Farnborough to Brighton to Dover, from Manchester to Plymouth to Norwich our technicians are local to the whole country and even to other parts of Europe.


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