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Pest Control Inspectors

Pest Control Reading

Covering Reading, Woking, Caversham, Henley, Marlow, Bracknell etc.

Pest Control in Reading, Bracknell and Woking:

We cover all RG, HP, & SL and surrounding postcodes.

“Pest control Reading by JG Environmental suits the needs of the public by being competitively priced, friendly and professional.”

Insured VIA

JG Environmental specialise in guaranteed ‘Discreet Pest Control’ treatments, from Wasp nest eradication, to Bed bug fumigation and rodent treatments.

Being the local bird control specialist we also offer professional bird netting solutions, pigeon spiking and other bird proofing in Reading, Bracknell and surrounding areas.

Staff are trained to the recognised standards including BPCA level 2, Basis prompt and we pride ourselves on being rodent, insect and bird specialists.

There is no job too big or too small for JGE, so if its as small as just a wasp nest or a commercial bird net requirement we are the right company for you.


JG Environmental LTD is a friendly, local, family run business suiting our customers needs. Please call to discuss your requirements today.


Ant Extermination Pest Control in Bracknell, Reading and surrounding.

Ant control is one of the most popular services we provide, ants in Slough can be a real nuisance, they eat our crumbs and your kitchens even when clean can be a feast for these tiny pests.

There are different types of ants and they each require different Ant treatments for effective eradication.

Wasp Nest Eradication in Maidenhead, Wasp removal Marlow and Woking

Wasps can be located in small holes brickwork, hollow’s in trees, in garden sheds and loft spaces and also in bushed and the ground/ compost heaps. If you see a lot of wasps around your property or garden it is highly likely you have a wasp nest and you will need to have this professionally removed. We are your local Wasp nest removal Slough company.

Mouse removal and Mice extermination in Chalfont St Peter and Slough.

Mice are the most common pest we deal with.
One of the pests people really have a phobia over, because of this JG Environmental are the local experts in mice pest control Reading. We provide proofing with every job and a guarantee that the mice will be eradicated. Armed with the very best poisons and traps we are more than competent in dealing with your mouse problem.

Flea Fumigation in Woking

Fleas are one of the common house parasites, usually brought in by cats or dogs fleas and can be a real problem once they have infested an area. Fleas are tiny and can often be seen jumping around.

Approximately only 5% of a flea infestation will actually live on your pet, so treating your pet is highly unlikely to eradicate the whole problem. That is where we come in, we will eradicate the eggs and fleas residing in the property, this together with effective pet treatment should rid the problem completely.

Rat Pest Control Henley, Rat eradication Marlow

Rats, surely one of the most disgusting pests we deal with. Known for carrying diseases and causing a lot of damage to food stuffs, and home decor, rats are a real cause for concern all over the Slough area.

Effective baiting/ trapping methods as well as professional proofing/ repair work will see the end of your rat problem.

Squirrel eradication in Reading, Woking and Henley.

Weapon of choice being specialist squirrel traps baited with some sort of peanut/ chocolate special concoction give us excellent success rates for squirrel removal.

Our squirrel service is guarantees as is all of our services so you can be sure you will be satisfied.

JG Environmental will provide you with a quote for proofing/ blocking the squirrels access hole, this will often require specialist access equipment to reach the area and again this work is guaranteed.

Fumigation of Cockroaches in Henley, Woking and Reading.

Cockroaches pose a strong threat when in your home or commercial premises, especially when they occupy the kitchen area. Often due to their breeding capabilities they spread very quickly and you may find they infest adjoining properties. Cockroaches love grease build up and food remains, this is why it is vital you keep your property clean to prevent any build up.

If you have a cockroach problem, contact JG Environmental Slough, for a reasonable price we provide effective eradication techniques which includes the use of specialist gel, powder, spray and/or fog formulations, all services guaranteed.

Bedbug removal in Reading

Bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of, if you have bed bugs in your home then you need to hire a professional pest control company to deal with the problem for you. JG Environmental provide a guaranteed service using a combination of the very latest chemical spray and a powder formulation.

JG Environmental are a specialist bed bug removal company and as part of this we provide chemical, non-chemical, heat and preventative treatments/ products.

Bed bugs cause skin irritation following their bite, they actually inject a measure of anaesthetic as to not disrupt your sleep and your will not feel the bites until morning.

Pest Control services in Reading, Marlow, Professional pest removal in Henley, Ascot and surrounding area..

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