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Specialist Prison Drug Netting- Contraband Netting Installation

Contraband net installation by JG Environmental Ltd

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Contraband Netting- Prison Drugnet installers

JG Environmental Ltd are professional experienced contraband netting installers, contraband & prison netting is an effective meshed net that acts as an impenetrable physical barrier to prevent contraband and drugs landing in sensitive and protected areas.

Contraband Netting is often used in places like a prison where it stops drugs or contraband from entering any protected zones or areas. Further to the knowledge and experience we have in contraband netting, we are on the preferred suppliers list of many companies of contraband netting across the United Kingdom.

Contraband Netting is an effective mesh that is able to provide a discreet and impenetrable barrier offering protection to the premises from drugs and contraband landing inside sensitive areas

Contraband Netting is used in high profile locations so it is important that it is not only in place but also fitted correctly and that is why it is highly recommended that you use a company experienced in Contraband Netting and installation of.

Here at JG Environmental Ltd we are aware that every job is different and this is why we arrive on the job with different sized brackets, poles and posts to ensure we can get the job done well. There is no contraband netting installation job that we are unable to deal with.

We will ensure that our contraband netting work results in the highest quality tensioned net; we ensure it is highly chemical, weather and frost resistant while holding the highest possible level of fire resistance.

When you use JG Environmental Ltd you can rest assured that the risk of contraband and drugs landing inside protective or sensitive areas will be removed on a long term basis.

Our solutions are tailor made, safe, discreet, reliable and come with industry standard guarantees.

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