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“The removal of sharp objects is an extremely serious issue and one of the more essential removal services we provide. It is essential and imperative that the removal of sharps is done so in a safe manner as this waste can lead to harmful infections and can carry pathogens for harmful diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.”

Sharp objects include items such as needles and blades but can also include other unobvious objects such as:

  • Glass objects- including tubes, phials and glass panes.
  • Needles and syringes.
  • Blades- including knives, razors, scalpels and scissors.
  • Plastics.
  • Metals such as aluminium cans.

Sharp objects can be found in garbage disposal areas if not disposed of in the correct manner. As well as this there is a gloomier side to this environmental service. A common build up of sharp objects is unfortunately due to illegal drug use. Collections of sharp objects often reside in public toilets, alleys that are out of sight and abandoned houses where squatters and drug users have visited. Due to this there are a high number of infectious diseases possibly being carried on these sharp objects that can be passed on if they create a wound or come into contact with an already open wound.

It is essential that if sharps are sighted that they are reported without delay so that they can be collected by JG Environmental trained staff. All staff are equipped with all pieces necessary personal protective equipment for the removal and collection of sharp objects. Staff are trained and qualified to deal with the collection of sharps so that the items are disposed of under the Health and safety Act and COSHH regulations.

Upon arrival to the site, technicians will survey the area and identify possible hazards that need to be safely disposed of. Technicians will then proceed to dress in Kevlar soled boots, protective gloves, masks and overalls. The collection of the sites sharps will then begin. Staff use a combination of a metal grabber and magnets to pick up all sharp objects and dispose of them in to a sharps disposal unit. Once all sharp objects have been safely disposed of only after another survey will the environmental clean begin.

It is strongly recommended that any sharp objects are not disposed of in household waste as this puts other lives at risk when they are handled by garbage disposal professionals. The blood borne pathogens that can pass on the diseases mentioned above are very serious.

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